In 1797, Edward Dancey was born in Monaghan County, Ireland.

In 1844, Dr. Edward Dancey purchased the land that is now called the DANCEY FAMILY FARM. He was the first medical doctor in Malahide Township.

He died August 6, 1872 in Malahide Township, Elgin County.




Leon Eugene Dancey and Phoebe Alberta Travis were married in Eden, Bayham Township, on April 3, 1901.

My grandfather died before I was born, but I have fond memories of Grandma Dancey, who lived on the DANCEY FAMILY FARM until her death in 1965.

Leon and Phoebe had four children. My father was the youngest and he bought the farm from his mother.



Julia was a nurse in St. Thomas and married James (Jim) Ross. They farmed in Central Elgin.

Travis, the oldest, studied psychiatry at McGill University and practiced psychiatry in Montreal, where he lived with his wife Marjorie. (Travis is also in the top photo on this page.)

Bessie was a public school teacher and married William (Bill) Walters. The Walters family still farm or live in Central Elgin.


John (Jack) attended the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in the late 1930s. After graduation, he had a private practice in Aylmer, ON. Then he worked 25 years for the Health of Animals Branch of the Canadian Department of Agriculture. He retired in 1974 and died in Aylmer at the age of 93.


Jack and Leone Dancey were married in 1942. They lived in Aylmer until 1967, when they moved to the farm.

My mother’s family all lived in Aylmer and her father owned the sawmill and millwork that stood where the LCBO is today. It is safe to say that most of the fancy millwork (gingerbread) that is common in the Aylmer area was made in his facility.

My sister, Mary Dancey Clarke, was passionate about horses from an early age. Our father bought her a horse we named Lady Twinkle. She was bred to a palomino and the resulting filly was a beautiful buckskin that was born on Mother’s Day in the late 1950s.

Rain or shine, through the heat or the cold, I love farming. There are many challenges, but I feel passionate about preserving this sacred land for organic agriculture and providing the best quality meat for my customers, who are well-educated about what they want and grateful that I can provide it for them.

Thanks to the MANY people that make this farm possible. Chris Dancey