Katahdin sheep were chosen, because they have hair, rather than fleece. During the winter they have a thick coat to keep them warm. As the weather becomes warmer, their long hair falls out and they are left with a sleek coat for the summer.

I buy a ram in late winter and the ewes are then bred over the next couple of months. Lambs begin arriving in the spring when the weather is warmer. Most are born on fresh straw in the shed, but some are born outside.

The ram lambs are castrated within a few days of their birth, so they can stay with the flock for the next six months. This means they are milk fed by their mom’s until they make the trip to the abattoir.

Ewe lambs are kept for breeding, but some are also for sale, so other farms can enjoy this fantastic breed of sheep that lamb easily, are parasite resistant and can be totally raised on fresh pasture for half of the year and hay during the winter.